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Merida tech is offering free courses and webinars for people who want to learn and take up different courses. These free courses are an eye opener for you to get to know about the courses and what the courses have to offer.

" The courses can be in web development where you get introduced to web development and understand what is web development which introduces a python course or a .net course. Then you have a course in website development where you get to know what a website is and how to use it in Businesses. You also get free courses in cloud computing where you can learn courses like microsoft azure courses , amazon web services which give you on demand cloud computing platforms or are introduced to google cloud courses.You get to learn cloud computing platforms of companies like microsoft , google and amazon. The free courses and webinars give you a fairly good knowledge of what the courses offer and introduce you to different concepts in the course by our experienced and knowledgeable mentors. There are free courses in data science and machine learning which tell you the latest trends in software development and application. You get an introduction to testing which involves functional testing and performance testing or you can take a free webinar on data analytics or a cyber security course. "

" Suppose you want to get into human resources , or courses in finance area you would be interested to know about microsoft excel which is used by most of the companies to do their financial transactions and other financial calculations and financial analysis or a tally course which is an enterprise accounting software for medium or small businesses used for business accounting, gst or tax purposes or take up a course in soft skills.For example, Soft skills help you to develop skills that help you in making yourself proficient in job handling.Whether it is communicating, time management or leadership skills you have all these soft skills to help you to perform better at your job. Most employers look for a combination of soft skills and hard skills.The free courses help you to know more about your interest and which course you can choose and pursue The free courses and webinars help you to understand the course that interests you and get an idea as to what you can expect to learn , what way it will help you look for job opportunities if you are looking for a job or if you just want to upgrade your skills. Thus taking up a free course and a webinar will help you to handle your learning better and equip you with courses that are relevant to your career choice and job interests. "

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At the beginner level ,you learn to make simple english sentences and learn to use day to day words that you use everyday. You learn basic grammar, you learn to talk about day to day greetings ,talk about everyday events, talk about your favorite things and things you do everyday Read More...

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You learn to make more sentences that are a bit difficult and learn a higher level of grammar .A higher level of vocabulary.You learn about listening and comprehending when someone speaks, write essays and stories and learn imagination and think in English. You learn to talk more about general topics and particular topics Read More...

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You learn to make complex sentences and learn good English grammar concepts. You will have a proficient level of vocabulary and you will learn to debate, listen to proficient level English speakers,podcasts, interviews , news etc. You will learn to correspond through email Read More...

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